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hijacked journal 2022-07-21
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 To researchers.. Do not publish your research in this journal because it has two sites as well as not indexing any paper for it in Scopus for the years 2020, 2021, and 2022, and its impact factor is 0. 

Teikyo Medical J ....

hijacked journals 2022-07-21
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 Dear researchers.. Not to publish in this journal because there are two sites for it...

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 If you wish to publish within Scopus, do not choose these journals because they have been out of Scopus since 2021.

Asian EFL Journal ISSN 1738-1460

Asian ESP Journal ISSN 1833-3001

International Journal of Early Chil ....

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 Do not pay attention to what is said about these journals... they are hijacked journals. Beware of publishing in them...

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The new update of the lists of journals in the Scopus database for the month of June 2022 has been released. It can be viewed from the following link:


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