Scientific Research Division
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  Scientific Research Division:

Assist. Prof. Dr. Salwan Mahmood Abdulateef

Director of Scientific Research Division





The application of the provisions of this regulation leads to the achievement of the endeavor of the University of Anbar to be a leading university in the field of scientific research at the regional level, and to be recognized at the international level.



The application of the provisions of this regulation would lead to the development of the scientific research environment and its capabilities, to produce knowledge and find solutions to strategic issues at the university, including the provisions that regulate research.


The Division includes four units, as listed below, with the tasks of each:

1- Full-time Academic and Development Unit: This unit is in charge of implementing the instructions for full-time education No. (162) for the year 2009 for university teachers outside Iraq. This is done in coordination with the university’s formations by circulating the forms and instructions in force for those wishing to devote themselves, checking their transactions, sending them to the ministry, and following up on receiving official approvals for each candidate, in coordination with the Cultural Relations and Legal Affairs Departments at the University Presidency. This unit is also entrusted with following up programs for developing teaching staff for sending teachers outside Iraq within the research fellowship system and communicating with the ministry and with university formations to complete the candidates’ transactions in coordination with the Cultural Relations Department.


2- Scientific Journals Unit: This unit has several tasks. It is responsible for checking the transcripts of the issuance of the scientific journals at the university, which are 12 scientific journals, and informing the editorial boards of those journals to approve the issuance of those issues. In addition, the unit is responsible for issuing university orders after the esteemed president of the university has approved the editorial boards proposed by the university formations that issue these journals. The unit also supervises the implementation of university journals of the controls for the creation and issuance of refereed scientific journals in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Preparing monthly statistics on the number of scientific research published in reputable international journals is also among the tasks of this unit.


3- Scientific Conferences and Seminars Unit: This unit supervises and follows up on scientific conferences after obtaining official approvals to hold them at the university, issuing orders for those conferences from scientific and organizational committees, following up on the recommendations issued by those conferences and sending them to the Ministry in addition to listing them within the (My Seminars website) of the Department of Research and Development in the Ministry. The organization of holding scientific symposia and seminars is followed up by this unit at the beginning of each academic year in coordination with the various university formations.


4- The Research Plan and Patents Unit: In this unit, the process of following up and supervising the implementation of the research plan for the university’s teachers in faculties, research centers and scientific departments and updating planned, completed and published research according to the system of periodic updating of the research plan approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research every 3 months. It is also responsible for endorsing the research plans of teachers, which is one of the requirements for academic promotion. One of the unit’s tasks is to archive the patents obtained by the university’s affiliates and prepare their statistics. This unit is responsible for sending statistics on scientific research and patents to the Ministry on a regular basis.